Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Promising Land

So, the exams have ended.

If anything, these were at least the most interesting exam block yet - was a curious mix of remember the general gist of absolutely every questions, yet the specifics of very few. 'Course, that helps nobody, so suffice to say, I didn't do very well on any of my exams. A real bummer in itself.

Onto less depressing news, or more likely more depressing news (in its own right) this exam block heralds the beginning of the holidays! Which is to say the last set of holidays. Well not quite, the one after this one, and then I'm gone.

So this usually begins a time of  great celebration (and video games). However, as nervous as I am, I'm more content to drive myself mercilessly to create creation upon creation, to learn about art and basically gain the creative drive needed to succeed in the industry.

It's kinda lame.

Anyway, recently did a "Doubles" Competition - that is, teamed up with another artist to produce a picture, the results of which are to the left. I'm "okay" with it, which is to say that it's as good a paint job as I've ever done, it's just really nowhere to my liking.

I only did the paint - that smutty (read; awesome) line art was done by another artist, Temariix. 

Of course, seeing this lineart remind me that my own endeavors at  anatomy really do suck, by utterly destroying them, and I full intend to fix that. Mostly by actually practicing.

Dammit, I can't draw girls (exceedingly well, anyway). Must fix that.

Found a great source of anatomy tutorials. Just stay clear of the manga ones, until you've learned the rules (first you learn the rules, then you break them. That creedos served me well).

Well that's it for now - I'll be making sure to update a little more often now that exams are out of the way.

Peace Out, and other such shit.

Friday, 17 June 2011

because fuck you

So hey, I got a banner up. I went to a lot of shit, to get the background all lined up and pretty, and it turns out that Blogspot darkens the images (either that or something is major wrong with the values on my Photoshop).

The title, it's a misnomizer. You get it? Because it's not sexy and fun at all... ah, forget it, on to content.

Exams are halfway over! I have done terribly on most of them so far, and if experience has taught me anything its that I'm going to do pretty terribly on the remaining ones, too. God only knows what possessed me to choose Physics and Advanced Mathematics as subjects.


Apart from the Banner, though, not much digital art to show, at all. You know, exams, not as much time to play around with this pissy little tablet. I do a shitload of sketches. because I'm god-awful at lineart and need to improve (by my standards, anyway). I'll just post the sketch to the above digital art to prove that little point.

For a while now I've been doing quite a bit of concept art for an iOS game I planned to make, but in favour of that (it turns out that iOS coding is quite complicated, and I'm sure that ironing out bugs is even worse than digitally painting (it's monkey work, people)) so I've decided to grab some experience in Flash, first.

Doing a flash fighting game featuring iconic game reviewers. I know how to use Flash. Yahtzee and Jim sterling are kind the only ones suggested yet, and I only really got this downpat earlier on, so I don't have much to show you.

I do, however, have a few questions:
  • Is my theme too dark?
 Now, I like the theme as-is, a lot, because I'm all artsy and I'm into that kind of shit (lolno it's just that white text on a grayish-black blackground is a lot less traumatic to the eyes). However, I've heard some tips around the place that having a dark and angsty theme is frowned upon.

Which is fine. You know, emos.
  • Should I reply to the comments?
On my first post on this blog, I got some great feedback, but there doesn't seem to be a reply system on this at all, andlooking at other blogs they just seem to ignore people on post on their blogs.

Do you reply to the people who post on yours, or what?

Anyway, that's all for now - I do plan to update more regularly, with less text. Do tell me if I haven't broken this shit up to be less monotonous, I know its too long but hey - watcha gonna do? See y'all next time.

Promise not to upload so many crappy sketches.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Prap Postin'

Thought I may as well quickly go ahead and post before I lose the nerve to start.

Yeah, it happens, and while I find it easy to continue doing an activity, to see it throughout to its very end, its the actual begginnings, the stirrings that bother me. I'm not too good at that.

This is mainly a test. Which took 6 hours. Hopefully this'll get easier as I go on.

Now for Some Form of Content:
  • As a Digital Artist, am taking online tutorials and am incorporating them into work, actively. Suspect its harder to work without a competitive environment, but there you go.
Mainly going to sites like Crtl+Alt+Paint and the FZD Design channel. Both are very informative so far  as digital painting and design goes, and teach information in bits rather then as a set path - the way I like it. Pick up what you need, discard what you don't.
  • Final Exams coming up over this frontier. Bitch be tripping Stress.
Blech, schooling. Tests are necessary, I get it, but actually having to study for once isn't.

Also, here's a very quick Jolly Roger.Drew it earlier on.