Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Promising Land

So, the exams have ended.

If anything, these were at least the most interesting exam block yet - was a curious mix of remember the general gist of absolutely every questions, yet the specifics of very few. 'Course, that helps nobody, so suffice to say, I didn't do very well on any of my exams. A real bummer in itself.

Onto less depressing news, or more likely more depressing news (in its own right) this exam block heralds the beginning of the holidays! Which is to say the last set of holidays. Well not quite, the one after this one, and then I'm gone.

So this usually begins a time of  great celebration (and video games). However, as nervous as I am, I'm more content to drive myself mercilessly to create creation upon creation, to learn about art and basically gain the creative drive needed to succeed in the industry.

It's kinda lame.

Anyway, recently did a "Doubles" Competition - that is, teamed up with another artist to produce a picture, the results of which are to the left. I'm "okay" with it, which is to say that it's as good a paint job as I've ever done, it's just really nowhere to my liking.

I only did the paint - that smutty (read; awesome) line art was done by another artist, Temariix. 

Of course, seeing this lineart remind me that my own endeavors at  anatomy really do suck, by utterly destroying them, and I full intend to fix that. Mostly by actually practicing.

Dammit, I can't draw girls (exceedingly well, anyway). Must fix that.

Found a great source of anatomy tutorials. Just stay clear of the manga ones, until you've learned the rules (first you learn the rules, then you break them. That creedos served me well).

Well that's it for now - I'll be making sure to update a little more often now that exams are out of the way.

Peace Out, and other such shit.


  1. Nice pic. I agree with you on the manga, btw.

  2. You do draw well, looks great man :)

  3. I agree with what you posted. I also like the art lol a little mean but its cool.

  4. The paintjob is the cool thing about the picture, tbh. Glad the exams are dine for you :)

  5. Good luck with exams and keep more of this stuff coming in.