Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A long time coming and I couldn't even be bothered to bold the important bits.

I may get around to adding pictures to this post later. If you're asking, and this is rhetoric, why I haven't added them now the answer is twofold:

i. My ass hurts and I've been awake for so long that the mere thought of searching for images with which to populate this post gives my violent urges and...

ii. I have drawn any.

You see, when I created blog it was for two reasons, and I had one rule. I created the blog to make some money (which I've since completely given up hope on and have since deigned to use as a normal internet-shitting tool), and the second was to catalouge my improved art skills.

My one rule was to not update the post until I've drawn some new digital art. Well, you can see how that has worked out.

My previous piece of digital art was drawn with a tablet that roughly equals my pubic hair in size, and is at a current estimate about 500 kilometres from my current position. Even then, anyone with half a brain and minimally functioning ballsack could point out that I could draw with traditional mediums.

I can't do that either. I sit and I try to make something happen and it doesn't/ Nothing happens. The spark is gone. It's been disappearing for a while now, and now it's gone. I've actually gotten self-conscious about my art. Can you fucking believe that shit? That's never happened before.

And shut up, I can swear on my blog if I like. I have a severed tongue/heart (depending on who you ask) as my banner.

The worst thing about the spark is that it didn't all disappear at once, so I could panic and throw shit and get reported by the neighbours. It dripped away, one drop at a time. Everything got so jumbled and crazy in my life I just couldn't keep a hold of my determination- the spark.

Well, it doesn't matter now. The sparks gone and I'm set to become a manual labourer, another piece of shit who digs out Australia's ditches. Maybe I might start writing about that instead.

tl;dr, go away.

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